Data-Flo, based in New York city, was established in 1996 with offices in Hyderabad, India, and a facility under proposal in County Donegal, Ireland.

Work ethic: 

We take pride in our top quality work and we understand that working to meet our clients’ objectives is the key to continued growth for Data-Flo. 

To accomplish the goal of maintaining high quality we assemble a project team consisting of competent professionals dedicated to the same goal.


Data-Flo is headed by Neil De Odhar, MBA, who has wide international exposure and a diverse background in Transportation, Telecom and Information Technology.  While assisting client companies his focus is always on helping them achieve management goals – profitability, revenue growth, cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and technological innovation in order to stay ahead of competition.

Technology Managers who specialize in specific service categories guide projects that can benefit from their expertise and their technical knowledge of software tools and user requirements.


Project Leaders who manage specific projects not only plan and supervise the day-to-day work, but also interact with clients on a regular basis to articulate objectives, and plan their execution .  The goal is to conduct each project with the minimum of glitches and to output top quality work, delivered on schedule.

244 Fifth Avenue #2624, New York  N Y 10001-7604 U.S.A.
Phone: 212-561-1950

E-mail : info@data-flo.net 

Data-Flo, New York, USA 1996-2007