Data-Flo has clients in various industries and caters to a wide range of requirements and applications. For example:

AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) Jersey City, NJ, USA
Client publishes a magazine read nationally by professionals in the accounting industry; now the online version is created by Data-Flo, and accessed for current, up-to-date information about developments, new tax laws, case histories etc. This is a web enabled application with enormous functionality.

Amana Publishing Inc., Beltsville, MD, USA
Precise, extremely detailed specifications guided this project to convert paper to Word and Quark Express formats. Design work included page layout, element design, spacing, alignment and fonts that required extensive use of symbols and special characters to produce pre-press Quark files of the highest quality, including images at 1200 d.p.i.

DCFS County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) of Los Angeles, wanted to present their Strategic Plan 2000 over the web. We converted these files from Quark into HTML and designed the web enabled delivery of this information.

CreditMarkets Ltd., London, UK
This is a web enabled product for lawyers and bankers to obtain accurate financial information about financial deals in the European market. Client needs paper to doc conversion of financial offerings, London Stock Exchange bond offerings, and related paper. The output is offered to end users over the web. We also do field input to create a database, enabling search query by the end user. Accuracy rating is 100% and the replication of the original hard copy is identical in every respect - layout, font type and size, bold, underlines, italics, tables, columns etc.

DinnerWare Publishing Inc., Brunswick, ME, USA
Clients needs cookbooks to be converted from paper into digitized format, including mark up (tagging). Output is entered into a database that is offered to end users in a web enabled application.

E-Histories Inc., Chicago, IL, USA
Client has large quantities of very old publications (American civil war era) that are being converted to HTML and a web ready format including links and other web tools. This product is a massive undertaking and, to our knowledge, the leading one of its kind in the world of historically important books, made available in a searchable CD.

Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., New York, NY, USA
Data-Flo helped this major global conglomerate in the publishing and broadcast industries to create a database of advertising customers for one of its properties, Elle magazine, using MS-Excel.  The quality control requirements were rigid and precise in order to produce a high quality output which we delivered from a rigorous enforcement of our own in-house quality system.

Larson Design Group, Williamsport, PA, USA
A highly reputable design company offering services in architecture, engineering, and surveying needs architectural and structural drawings in paper form to be converted to an AutoCAD format.  We scan the drawings, or have the client scan them and send us the image files or PDF files, and output high quality workable AutoCAD files. The digital files that our client receives are much easier to work with, and obviously have greater advantages of portability, access, transfer, storage, retrieval and archiving. 

Lift-It Manufacturing Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA
This is a large heavy equipment and engineering manufacturing company in Los Angeles, CA, that has Quark files used for printing conventional collateral material. We are now creating an online version of such publications, and doing a Quark to HTML conversion including precise specifications that make the content suitable for a web based application.

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA
Scientific articles for the Horticulture department of the university for dissemination over the web to a worldwide audience of scientists and academics. Conversion of Mac Quark files into Word format at a top accuracy rating for use as source files by university academics.

MM Telecom LLC, New York, NY, USA
Client needs a voice-prompt driven telecom application that callers anywhere in the U.S. can use to access phone services to worldwide points. Custom software development includes database design and development, user interfaces, internal routing, as well as accounting, billing, and automated customer service. Primary software development is being done to facilitate this leading edge telecom application using VC++, Oracle as backend and Dialogic (specialized telecom software). 

Ramco Insurance Co, San Francisco, CA, USA
This very well known large insurance company needs the conversion of Quark forms into HTML in order to facilitate the online submission of insurance applications and related forms. Submitting such paperless forms over the web obviously has tremendous advantages, and the company has eagerly embraced this Internet based processing. The forms are linked to a database and have precise requirements and design elements.

Sprint PCS, Kansas City, MO, USA
This is one of the major telecom companies in the U.S. They wanted to present their monthly bills that are currently sent to customers via mail, in an online web format. We converted the template from Quark template that will be populated by data from their existing invoicing database to create monthly invoices that customers can access online (password protected), for viewing, paying, and tracking.

Schering Pharmaceuticals, Madison, NJ, USA
This is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world. It wanted to offer customers information about their products and technical data about the drugs via the internet in addition to providing that information in the 'package inserts' that accompany each product package. We converted the Quark files into HTML and designed well organized, easy to use product information that is clinical as well as general. The online source can be used by doctors and caregivers as well as by patients.

Smart Strategies Inc., New York, NY, USA
This major market research firm in New York City needs to provide marketing analysis information to end user clients such as electronics giants Sony, Matsushita, Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic etc. Large quantities of data need to be assembled, processed, and analyzed to extract meaningful information. Valuable insights are presented in the form of easily understood reports and graphs that can be used for planning. Using Visual Basic, MS-Access, Crystal Reports and other tools, we have created a Smart Database Program that facilitates a current, accurate and easy to use reporting system.

Terra Surveys Ltd., (Earth Sciences), Ottawa, CANADA
Client needs color geological maps converted from paper into a digitized format (raster to vector), digital output of contours and spot heights. Output on CD-ROM. End user is the Government of a major South American country. System uses AutoCAD R14, and other GIS utilities.

University of Rochester, NY, USA
The world renowned Sleep Research department of this university needs scientific articles to be made available to the scientific, academic, and medical community all over the world. We have created high quality PDF files for delivery over the web.

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